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Attentive, with differing outlooks and diversified career paths, but whose profiles are all complementary, our consultants are on hand to advise and guide you. 

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Stéphane Xemard
Vincent Pétry
Founding Partner
Following ten years in sales and management positions in the industrial services sector, including seven with an IT consultancy firm in Paris, in 2008 Vincent joined a consultancy specialising in banking and finance. Here he was involved in gaining new expertise in business and IT functions; fields in which he already had considerable experience. This project enabled Vincent to adopt the profession's best practices and create his own methodology. As the director of Alturion, guarantor of quality as well as respect for the ethics of teamwork, Vincent is involved in search and select for senior executive and specialist roles in sales, IT and the industrial sector.
Guillaume Doré
Nicolas Léty
Josemaria Dirabou
Jean-Marc Olivier
Consultant Manager
A graduate of Audencia Business School in Nantes, Jean-Marc got involved in the recruitment industry right from the start of his career, and today he is ever passionate about his chosen field.
Soon having totalled 30 years in the employ of several major firms in the Nantes area, on the strength of his experience Jean-Marc has to date recruited over 1,000 specialist, manager and executive positions.
His professional background has also enabled him to gain in-depth knowledge of the organisations and cultures that characterise Grand-Ouest companies, family-run SMEs and mid-cap businesses, major group subsidiaries, agribusinesses and cooperatives, public institutions and local authorities, bringing to Alturion his comprehensive and diversified vision of job sectors and positions, as well as in-depth knowledge of processes and good practices that condition successful recruitment.
And always as passionate as ever...
Djibril Diawara
Axelle Maillard
Gaëlle MORLE
Career Transition Consultant
A graduate in International and European Law of Panthéon-Assas University, Paris, Gaëlle has 13 years’ experience as a lawyer with major groups and as a legal director in SMEs.
Passionate about human resources and firmly convinced that people are the key, fundamental resource for creating corporate value, in 2008 she decided upon a career change and entered the field of career coaching.
A qualified coach and trained skills assessor, she supports staff during career transition and change processes and helps them to develop their potential.
At Alturion her work is centred on finding HR solutions and supporting career transition, which includes individual coaching, outplacement and skills assessment.
Mélina Pouradier
Amel Benzai
Deh Gbliga
Frédérique Lardenois
Christophe Therrachon
Amélie Pétry
A graduate of the French School of Communication Studies (EFAP), Paris, and holding a law degree from the University of Paris-2 Assas, Amélie began her career as a press officer for television channels in Paris. She joined Alturion in 2008 when the company was first formed. Head of internal and external communication, Amélie is responsible for writing and managing web content, professional social networks and various other communication media. She is responsible for promoting the consultancy's image among its clients and candidates, and she is involved in relaying the employer brand of the consultancy's clients. Amélie also manages permanent and one-off sponsoring events.

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