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Alturion is a Human Resources Consultancy Group whose core business
and purpose is recruitment, assessment, and individual or collective talent management.
We specialise in the direct contact recruitment of executives for specialist, middle and senior management roles in SMEs and group subsidiaries across the sales, IT and industrial sectors.
Our methods, networks, communication and evaluation tools allow us to match the right people to the right positions. 
Our know-how extends to the many facets of Advising Human Resources Departments and Assessing and Accompanying Staff. We offer companies an operational approach in the handling of their HR issues. In addition, we are developing an exclusive approach in the provision of career transition guidance for Ex-Forces Executives.
Alturion was founded in 2008 by Vincent Pétry, whose professional career at that point had been built on ten years as a sales manager in information systems and the high-tech industry. Like the consultants whom he works alongside, Vincent is an IT and Sales role specialist.
Alturion's offices in Nantes, Paris and Lyon were all rapidly operational, bringing the consultancy in close reach of its candidates and clients. In 2011, Alturion began its expansion into HR consulting and individual support services, with Julie Berger Garon, Bruno Cellerier and Alain Josse introducing their vision and the ex-forces sector project, further developing the company's Advice and Support expertise offering in 2013. 
In 2014, Thierry Plet brought Alturion his comprehensive and operational evaluation expertise. 2015 then saw the creation of a consultant manager post and the onboarding of five experts as part of the consultancy's ambitious development plan. Alturion's industrial sector division was born. 
In parallel, and in order to better accompany its clients in their development, Alturion took on an international dimension with the opening of its Lausanne office in Switzerland. In January 2015, Alturion Human Resources & Consulting obtained federal and cantonal licences for private sector recruitment in Switzerland.

Our Consultants

Beyond Recruitment


Career transition 
For candidates who are ready to take a risk, who wish to progress, or who are undecided, as well as those moving to a new environment, a new position, or who have received promotion, we offer individual support in the form of coaching, assessment and personalised support solutions according to context.
While adhering to the highest standard of professional conduct and respecting the confidentiality of all information received, our consultants and occupational psychologists draw upon their networks, their knowledge of various professions, local economic fabric and specific tools to assess your situation and construct the next step in your career path in a highly pragmatic and realistic way.
People at the heart of business performance...
A company's value and its performance are created and powered by the people in its employ.
They innovate, manage, organise and perform tasks that are necessary for its operations and its development. 
...can no longer be assessed...
Today, companies face new challenges within their core recruitment, career management and skills development activities; generational gaps variables, the emergence of new professions, job insecurity and the war for talent to name a few. Yesterday's recruitment methods used to manage internal mobility or identify skills that need to be developed are no longer enough. 
... without using a different process.
We remain firmly convinced that objective and in-depth assessment of a company's staff has become essential for enabling companies to better respond to these challenges. This type of assessment involves the use of appropriate tools and methods.

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