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developed by specialised Consultants


Former corporate employees and sector professions, our consultants not only understand the projects and challenges involved with every recruitment assignment, they are also the driving force behind proposals to their HR contacts and are trained in accurately targeting suitable candidate profiles to be resourced and retained. They have held the position you currently hold or that you are looking to hold. They fully understand the main outlines and prerequisites involved.
The methods we use are varied and complementary. Today, while the Web is an all-important "place" for finding job opportunities, it is still important to know how to get the most from it and how to use it properly. Job searching methods are constantly evolving. It is up to us to be innovative and to promote a positive image for our candidates and our clients. Search and select in the conventional sense of the term remains a very qualitative work method that allows for structured action on a given target.
Finally, job advertisements serve to highlight certain less confidential positions.
Careers in

Our expertise - Contents - Information Technology In major group or SME ISDs, as well as in IT services companies, we cover all IS areas: Business analysis, studies and development, integration, infrastructure, production and support. In management, change management, expertise, consulting or operations.
Our expertise - Contents - Sales

We are wont to say that business is a company's lifeblood or what keeps everything ticking. Whether more a question of sales, purchasing, production, or R&D, it is above all about a point of view and management sensitivity. But at Alturion, we are convinced that business identity is part of a company's identity. Choices made in terms of team selection, its structure and its organisation are paramount to a company's success.
Our expertise - Contents - Industrial Sector
Agro-food, injection industry, naval, watchmaking, aeronautics; the sectors are as numerous as they are exciting. At Alturion we naturally do not claim to master all these areas of technical expertise. Our input is based on our understanding of a company and our candidates' projects, as well as on the main functions of the chain including purchasing, engineering/design office, methods and processes, production, project management, supply chain and management control. 

We are also committed to bringing to one area of industry, good practice and what may be relevant in another.
HR Consultancy
Our expertise - Contents - HR Consulting Services
We work with you to predict your company's key skill management requirements: 

+ From specifying corporate strategy to job and skill management 
+ Identifying and formalising HR processes 
+ Defining sector repositories and associated skills
+ Managing Talent 
+ Supporting your staff in the long term 
We design and deliver training for your staff: 

+ Identifying changes and their implications 
+ Defining skill models 
+ Defining training and communication strategies 
+ Pedagogical Engineering
+ Leading training: management, personal development, stress prevention 
Our expertise - Contents - Support
Executives, Managers, Officers of the French Army and Students; we partner you in your career development:

 + Evaluations and skills assessments 
+ Personalised coaching: onboarding or managerial issues 
+ Career management and professional guidance 
+ Training in job search techniques 
+ Student and high-school pupil career assessment 
+ Outplacement and career transition

Our expertise - Contents - Assessment
Secure Recruitment:
+ Be aware of strengths and areas for improvement in order to better accompany onboarding and better manage staff
+ Perceive your potential to anticipate your future course
Optimise Internal Mobility:

+ Make decisions objective and unbiased (outsourcing) to maintain confidence in the organisation
+ Identify the skills staff need to acquire in order to promote career development
+ Determine motivational levers that can assist managers
Develop skills:
+ Accurately identify areas for improvement 
+ For choosing the right personal development tools (training, coaching, managerial support)
+ To enable your organisation to introduce its support plans
Strengthen your teams:

+ Increase the knowledge that everyone has of themselves and others for better team cohesion and to limit the likelihood of conflict 

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